You should now be able to see the window on the left. Click 'I understand' (1) then 'Import' (2)

(Bork TWO)

Next you will be greeted by the window on the right - this is where you exchange BNB for $GABECOIN. In the first box (1) you put in how much you want and in the second box (2) you will see how much you get. Remember to set the slippage (BORK three) (3)!

(BORK three)

This is where you set your slippage. What this basically means is that you're setting a percentage of tokens that you're willing to get lower or higher than rates shown in BORK TWO (The previous step). For example, if you saw that you can trade 1 BNB for 1000 $GABECOIN, a 10% slippage will mean that you are willing to accept 900 $GABECOIN for the same price.

This slippage has to be set to 10% since that is part of the borkenomics - 5% to LP and 5% to all $GABECOIN holders.


All you have to do now is click 'Swap' (1) and your transaction should go through.

Congratulations! You have now become a $GABECOIN holder!